Meet our teachers

It's people who make the place joyful and fun. Our teachers have many years of training and experience. Their pride and joy is in passing those skills on to you. Here's a bit about them.

Kerri Vaughn - Salsa, Rueda de Casino Bachata Instructor at the Tango Cafe, Rochester, NY

Kerri Vaughn

Despite growing up in a musical family, Kerri Vaughn never stepped onto a dance floor until she was introduced to International Folk Dancing in the mid-90's. For the next ten years, she learned hundreds of choreographies and found that she had a knack for teaching them to other people. Over time, she was introduced to other social dances, Contra, Country, and Swing being some of her favorites. Around 2002, while attending a Swing dance in Ithaca, NY, Kerri watched a performance of what would become her signature dance, Rueda de Casino (Salsa meets Square Dancing). She immediately sought out an instructor in Syracuse, NY and became an avid dancer of Salsa and Rueda de Casino. Although Salsa is still her main dance style, Kerri has added Ballroom, Bachata, Samba de Gafieira, and Argentine Tango to her repertoire. Most recently, she has taken up Tap dancing and performs Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' routines with her husband, Charlie.

Diana Kelly - Argentine Tango Instructor at the Tango Cafe in Rochester, NY

Diana Kelly

Diana Kelly, has undergone extensive training with world-class dancers Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo (”Magic Lucky Tango Nights”), Diego DiFalco and Carolina Zokalski (”Forever Tango”). She is steeped in their world class teaching style and continues to study with them. 

Diana is a trained ballerina, having studied in Manhattan at the Joffrey School of Ballet and the American Ballet Theater school.  She is unique in that she brings the elegance, grace, and acrobatics of ballet to all the styles of Argentine Tango – Salon, Nuevo, and Performance.

Diana excels in sharing the magic of this dance with her appreciation and attention to frame, balance and axis. If you like Argentine Tango, you will fall in love with tango with Diana's instruction skills.

We are proud to offer her curriculum at the Tango Cafe Dance Studio.

Arthur Avila - Samba de Gafieira Instructor at the Tango Cafe, Rochester, NY
Arthur avila

Arthur Avila is a true example of what Tango Cafe Dance Studio can offer. He started taking formal classes to learn Salsa in our studio and quickly ascended to be part of our teaching team. Brazilian, he introduced in Rochester the unique and wonderful style of partner Samba dancing as it is done in Brazil, known as "Samba de Gafieira".