Tango Cafe samba Gafieira Lessons

A modern authentic Brazilian dance

Our samba classes

Introduction to Samba

Students learn the basic moves of Samba de Gafieira such as: basic step, zig-zag, jump the fence, sway, inverse sway, negative relations, promenade, promenade with SS, promenade with ladies turn, promenade with lockstep, right leg draw, left leg draw and many more. Moves are tought in groups so students can relate their aspects in common.

ADVANCED Samba de Gafieira
Students learn advanced moves in Samba de Gafieira. Students will not join this class without pre-approval from the instructor.

All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.  See Classes Schedule for times and prices.

A fun fact

"Gafieira" is the place where people went to dance. Hence Samba de Gafieira means Ballroom Samba.

Samba de Gafieira

Even though it looks very different, Samba de Gafieira originated from the international Ballroom Samba incorporating elements of other dances, like Argentine Tango.

here and there

Arthur Avila did not dance when he lived in Brazil. There his friends know him as an economist.